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Famed for her films combining art, sex and politics, Zahra’s award winning work playfully engages with authenticity, performativity, stereotype and sexual labour, and has screened at festivals across Europe, United States and United Kingdom.

What’s an average day’s pay? Do you experience pleasure at work? How to you negotiate safer sex? Can porn be ethical? Do your parents know? Zahra answers these questions and more…

In collaboration with queer femme artists, Zahra delivers radical sex education workshops that re-envisage what our bodies are capable of, covering anatomy, preparation, after-care, emotional intimacy and explicit live sex demonstrations.

Appearing on panels in Canada, Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Zahra explores the ins and outs of stigmatised labour, women in film, community building, obscenity law, capitalism and sexual representation, along with top industry professionals.

About Zahra Stardust

Zahra Stardust is an international award winning porn star, Penthouse Pet and striptease artist, renowned for her artistic, provocative and political porn films, along with her ability to squirt like a fire hydrant. She has graced magazine covers and centrefolds, and tours the world for screenings, panels and workshops, making smut with the industry’s best.

More About Zahra Stardust
What they said

Print & Magazines

‘Tremendous individuality and artistic flair… a truly versatile performer’ – Absinth Fringe Review

Australian Penthouse Pet & Aussie Babe of the Year
October 2010
NZX Covergirl & Centrefold, Star Zone at Auckland Erotica Expo
Issue 112 - 2011
Zahra Stardust Alternative Erotica Trash Vixens Cover Centrefold
Covergirl and Centrefold, Trash Vixens Magazine
Issue 1 - 2014
What they said


‘Pole popping, show stopping, zesty… well versed in contorting her svelte figure as only a seasoned model can.’ – Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School Tokyo

DIY Porn Handbook: Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution
Read Zahra’s call-to-arms, ‘Porn as Protest: DIY Porn and Direct Action’ in Madison Young’s new DIY Porn Handbook: Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolutions, Greenery Press.
Read Zahra’s essay ‘Coming Out, Coming Hard: Privacy, Exhibitionism and Running for Parliament’ in Jiz Lee’s Coming Out Like a Porn Star, ThreeL Media.
Queer Sex Work
Read Zahra’s chapter, ‘Critical Femininities, Fluid Sexualities, and Queer Temporalities: Erotic Performers on Objectification, Femmephobia and Oppression’ in Nicola Smith, Mary Laing and Katy Pilcher’s Queer Sex Work, Routledge.


“An alluring, progressive striptease by women with packages, loincloths, tattoos and glittering lips, this is a late night romp into idiomatic worlds of seduction, each act a tasty morsel. These talented performers play hard. Sexy and funny, this is art… and sport. It’ll make you gasp.” – Rip It Up Magazine on Var-i-a-tease

Trapeze striptease at Brisbane Sexpo
Aerial performance for Hot Kandi
Zahra’s Feature show at Slide Night Club


“Prepare to have your mind BLOWN, ‘cos not only is Zahra hotter… she’s also smarter than a new pair of trousers” – Picture 100% Home Girls

Zahra is a former pole instructor at Suzie Q Pole Studio
X Pole Demonstration at Auckland Erotica Expo
Zahra is a former fitness instructor at Madonna’s gym Hard Candy


“Despite the cold, the mud, and the spiders from Mars in the rusty train, Zahra’s professionalism and comfort in front of the camera shone through. She put all her all into the photos, striking poses that few models can. Such as doing the splits naked whilst dangling from the side of a crusty train.” – NZX

Signing Penthouse magazines at Hollywood Showgirls Gold Coast
Zahra at Award Ceremony for Miss Nude Sydney
Penthouse Pet of the Year event at Men’s Gallery



  • Feminist Porn Awards Heart Throb of the Year, 2014
  • Adult Industry Awards Best New Porn Actress, 2014
  • Eros Shine Awards Best Adult Star, 2012


  • Feminist Porn Awards, Honourable Mention, 2015
  • Berlin Porn Film Festival, Short Film Jury, 2015
  • Berlin Porn Film Festival, Honourable Mention, 2013
  • Perv Queerotic Film Festival, Audience Favourite, 2013


  • Hustler Honey, Anniversary Issue, July 2016
  • Trash Vixens, Cover and Centrefold, 2014
  • NZX, Cover and Centrefold, 2011
  • Penthouse Pet, October 2010
  • Penthouse Aussie Babes Winner, 2010


  • SMT Calendar, November Pin Up, 2014
  • Miss June, Eye Candy Showgirl Calendar, 2011
  • Stripped HQ Showgirl of the Month, April 2010
  • Miss Centrefold Calendar Covergirl, 2011


  • Miss Nude Australia Pole Dance Champion, 2012
  • Miss Nude Pure Platinum, 2011
  • Miss Centrefold Oceania, 2010
  • Smack Tease Gear’s Hottie of the Year, 2010
  • Miss Nude Dancers Cabaret, 2010
  • Miss Nude NSW’s Most Unique Entertainer, 2009

Pole dancing

  • Australian Pole Dance Open Pairs Champion, 2009 (with Stacey Minx)
  • Miss Pole Sydney Sexpo, 2009
  • Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist, 2008 (with Foxene)
Colleagues & Collaborators

What they said

“Stardust’s sex circus – it’s the raunchiest show on Earth” – Picture Magazine

Trash Vixens Magazine

Trash Vixens Magazine

"Zahra embodies all the qualities that smash any stereotype you might think about women working in the adult industry."

Australian Penthouse

Australian Penthouse

"Zahra is a true representative of the modern Australian Penthouse woman: a strong, smart, forward-thinking, talented and sassy female… unique combo of brains, beauty and pizazz."

Feminist Porn Awards

Feminist Porn Awards

"Zahra won our hearts with her versatility to both perform and produce films, her progressive politics and her amazing ability to expand and engulf and to gush and gush and gush."