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Produced and edited by Zahra Stardust

Starring Zahra Stardust and ‘Humphrey’

Filmed by Viv McGregor


This film is an exploration of technology, police corruption, sex, art and porn. It is produced in a context in which police use condoms as evidence of crime, raid adult warehouses and seize thousands of X-rated films, and continue to be regulators of the sex industry in many states and territories despite evidence of systemic corruption. The film explores relationships between human and machine, police targeting of the sex industry, and technologies of surveillance. What happens to sex industry materials when they are confiscated by police?

This film screened as part of Performing Porn Symposium (After the Computer became Boring) in the UK, organized by Dani Ploeger, in collaboration with Sarah Harman, performance space, CUNTemporary, and the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University.

The event was concerned with the intersections of performance art and pornography, in the context of changing experiences of everyday technologies.